Design is Undefined

But the world isn't

We are a team of freelance front-end developers & print designers. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities of contemporary aesthetics. As huge fans of text and language, we think a lot about typography. When writing code we care about responsiveness, performance and accessibility. After all: There's more to it than design!

For us, working together is not just about getting things done. It also is about appreciation and achieving meaningful change. We think good design and thoughtfully used technology can contribute a lot to a cause. If anything, that's what drives us.

As individuals we have different approaches to achieve that for a project. There is a certain logic behind every project, its technology, structure and appearance. Yet to explore and uncover it takes creative thinking of a collective able to combine individual efforts in a meaningful way.

But there's only so much we can do with design — and there's infinitely more to care about in the world. For example, there's many people in the world we very much appreciate. Maybe you can relate to that. So here's some of them:

We like Anita Sarkeesian for Feminist Frequency, Toni Morrison for “Paradise” and René Pollesch for necessary rubbish, Rails Girls for being awesome, Refugees Emancipation for doing what the state should do, the folks at Pocket for all the articles we read during the years, Biohost for it's energy, Ida Tin for having more than just a Clue, Sara Soueidan for SVGs and Chris Coyier for all those asides, Zachary Barth for games that nobody asked for, the people at the New Horizons mission for the heart on Pluto — and humanity for probably making it right one day.

And that's that. You wonder what that has to do with your project? Are you sure it does (not)? Well, you're invited to have a look at our portfolio — and be sure to talk to a human! Just leave us a note at or through our contact form.